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Just as there are protective layers for furniture and other goods and commodities; there are Compact laminates which play a significant and positive role in providing a thick layer on exposed surfaces. Providing good finesse and thereby protecting your valuable interiors from being weathered down by atmospheric and other elements, these laminates go a long way in sealing the surface and making them appear as good as new—for many years in a row.

Which is basically a paper and fiber-based solid surface material. This material is warmer to touch than other traditionally used acrylic, or even some polyester materials, and carries extra layers of a particular Kraft paper which is soaked in the core. It provides good thickness and shares the characteristic colors of black or brown. However, there are some manufacturers who offer a wider and better range of core colors. The edges of these laminates can be machined for a smoother feel, better than that offered by other solid surface materials.

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Compact laminates are self-supporting and extremely strong in nature, are the first choice for bathroom stall dividers, lab tabletops, toilet partitions, and bullet-proof panels. Also used for the making of conference, desk, and task table designs in office systems