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Onyx is formed of bands of the mineral chalcedony in alternating colors. It is very unique in appearance from block to block, with ancient people saying spirits are trapped within the stone. While untreated it does not fare well in exterior applications, there are incidences where we can treat the material to withstand such circumstances well. Onyx is not best in a honed state and requires maintanence for polished finishes. 

Onyx Panel kdecors kalpana timber & plywood corporation

Onyx Panels

Amberlite is a man-made material with the appearance of real natural stone but offers far greater design flexibility. Curved, drilled or moulded into complex translucent panel designs and shapes – it’s a surprisingly affordable way to transform any space. 

It’s extremely durable, heat and scratch resistant, as well as non-porous and food safe – all of which makes it the ideal material for use in limitless commercial or functional applications. 

Acrylic Resin Panels

acrylic resin panels offer endless design possibilities. Use your imagination to create a memorable space through the use of texture, color, patterns and prints. Our natural decors recreate the warmth of the outdoors.

Resin panels are 40 times more impact resistant than float glass! Yet, unlike glass, can be thermoformed or cold bent quickly and easily into any desired shape. This makes it ideal for custom fabricated installations.

Onyx Panel kdecors kalpana timber & plywood corporation