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We have a huge range of Hilux boards designs for you to choose from whether you’re decorating your hallway, living room, bedroom or dining room we will have a wallpaper to suit your style! 

Toon Walls

Every child has an inseparable bond with characters he has seen on television and comic strips. Hilux Toon Walls now lets your children be one with the characters by transforming their rooms into a Toonscapes that fire their imaginations.

Visual Walls

Visual Walls make it possible to visually translate your visual preference and make a statement of who you are – on the wall. Photos, logos, graphics, pictures, etc,. You have limitless possibilities with Hilux Visual Walls.

Marble Walls

Since time immemorial wonderful edifices across the world were created using the finest marbles available. These structures have withstood the ravages of time and elements and yet exude an incomparable ethereal beauty like nothing else. A work in marble is a classic. Hilux Marble Walls makes it a simple affair to have the world’s best marble finishes on your walls.